Friday, 10 April 2009

Busybusybusy (again)

I seem to go in stages of having nothing much to do, and then have stages where I seem to be flat out loads of the time. Recently, I’ve been working a load as the weather has been great, so work has been busy, coupled with stuff like Mothers Day and Easter. Add that on to trying to keep a social life together and some other projects, and I never seem to have time to myself.

Sometimes you get so wound up in work and personal projects that you forget about other things going on. There were a few people that I’d barely seen over the past few weeks, so I’m endeavouring to make an effort to have some downtime and relax a little more.

I’m getting one or two photography jobs coming in, which is great. I do need to promote myself more though. Business cards need designing and printing, I should probably get myself a website. People don’t come to you, you have to go to them. I’m seriously thinking about upgrading my camera gear soonish too, at least a new lens in the near future. The Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 and the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 are my best options right now, I just need to find somewhere nearby that has them for me to try out. I’m hoping this will give me a little more versatility in the situations I’ve been thrown into recently, concert and event photography where there isn’t a lot of light to work with and you’re restricted on flash equipment you can use.

What else? I’m involved with setting up another two music and art events. Dubbed Van Der Waals III, we already have some great acts lined up, and we’re looking for art submissions to be displayed on the night. Contact me if you’re interested.

I’ve had so little time recently that I’ve been using my laptop more and more, checking email and browsing around the house, and barely using my desktop PC at all. This has the downside that I can’t get at most of my photos or music as I haven’t been bothered to transfer them to my laptop yet (not to mention it only has a 160gb hard drive, not enough room!) A server would be great, or at least something quick and readily available for when I need to transfer stuff. I already have a 500gb external MyBook, but I need something redundant, really. Maybe I could win something from MYDL if I’m lucky.

The American Dollar - Starscapes ( A Memory Stream)