Thursday, 2 October 2008


So, I got an iPhone today. Easrly birthday present off my parents. This one I’m using now is actually my second one, as the first one we bought, I got home, turned it on, and realised it had a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. They just did a direct replacement though, so all was good.

So far, I’m quite liking it. The signal quality isn’t that great, but then again I live in the middle of nowhere. I currently have 1 bar of signal at my desk, and it keeps disappearing. It gets better when I put it by my window, though. Strangely enough, the signal seemed to get better when I turned 3G off. I’ll do a proper test tomorrow though, when I’ve got the new firmware update.

Brings me to another thing…iTunes updates. I went to download the new firmware, which is a 237MB file. I’m now on my third attempt at downloading it, because itunes doesn’t seem to have any form of download management, so if the transfer gets interrupted, it has to start again. Maybe it’s just with this file, I haven’t tried with any other files. But if I had to start again when a connection was interrupted, it’d get very annoying, very fast. Especially if I was downloading a movie or something. My connection seems to be a bit unstable at the moment. Maybe it’s the weather.

Waiting for iTunes to finish syncing my music to the phone, then I’ll go have another play with it. I’ve already downloaded the remote app, and the Facebook app. Remote is awesome, lets you control itunes from the phone. The facebook app I couldn’t get to work, it wouldn’t let me sign in. After reading up a bit on it, I decided just to stick with the mobile version of the site ( The browser seems to handle it all very well, it’s all very intuitive.

All in all, the whole thing just seems like a nice package, and very intuitive. I haven’t actually used it as a phone yet though, apart from sending 2 texts. Will try that out a bit more when my old Orange number gets ported over.

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iphoooooone :)
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