Thursday, 4 December 2008

Long time, no see

Yeah, I haven’t updated this in a while. Sorry. I’ve been busy!

I finally got a job! Working in a local pub, in the restaurant and behind the bar. It’s enjoyable: nice to get out of the house, and you meet some great people. I’m hoping to get something more after the Christmas season though, I need something else to do during the day!

Flying to the US in around two weeks, spending Christmas there with my family. Been trying to get presents sorted, but I’m stuck for a few people. Any ideas?

I should probably update about some tech stuff that has me interested. The main thing I can think of is the new RED Cameras. Well, I say cameras – camera system. Details haven’t been finalised yet, but the idea of it being a completely modular system has me really interested. The idea is that you buy a “brain” which has all the camera sensor and processing inside, and then attach accessories to it depending on what you are using it for. There are millions of combinations. If you’re shooting a movie, you choose a configuration that’ll let you shoot film steadily. If you are shooting stills, you swap the components out and you have a DSLR. The beauty of it is, once they come out with a better sensor, in theory you just swap out the “brain” and keep the accessories, saving you money in the long run. The EPIC will obviously be out of most people’s reach, but the Scarlet is apparently within rage of the Canon 5DII (according to Engadget). If this is true, with the RED accepting Canon and Nikon lenses, then the fight for the prosumer’s money could become very interesting indeed. Personally, I can’t afford either, and I’d be waiting to see image results from the RED, but I’ll be following the battle closely.

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Maddy said...

was entertained by the first half, then my mind zoned out :)