Sunday, 4 January 2009

Belated Christmas/New Years Post

Merry Christmas/Happy New Years, everyone!

I’ve been a bit busy, not really had time/inclination to update recently. But I have a little bit of free time, so I may as well now.

Christmas went well, not white as was planned, but still really nice. I got some awesome gifts, and people seemed to like what I got them. I highly recommend Photobox and Mpix if you want to get prints of photos ordered. I ordered a poster of one of my NYC pictures from each of these companies, based in the UK and US respectively, and the service was great! Fast delivery, even close to Christmas, and the quality turned out brilliant. Photobox seemed to have a slightly better system for uploading photos, and telling you how big you could enlarge them, but they both turned out great anyway. Decent pricing, too. I now have 40 free standard prints from Photobox that I have to use by tomorrow…

I got a cordless mouse that I’m having a couple of issues with. I’m an idiot and threw away the packaging in the states, but I think it’s a Logitech LX8. It seems to be lagging a bit shortly after I plug it in, but seems to sort itself out after a while. Made it annoying when I was playing Left4Dead with some friends and couldn’t control myself though! It may be a driver issue, but the only download the Logitech site seems to have is 55mb! I’m not sure I need that much just for a mouse!

When it works though, it works great. Nice and comfy, and really precise. Now I need to get a wireless keyboard, and I’ll have a much cleaner desk.

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