Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Nearly there...

Decided to do a full backup before I messed around with partitions for installing Windows 7. Didn't realise it'd take so long. I've got 5 minutes left on my music collection, which has been going for over 2 hours! Just my pictures to backup now, which shouldn't take too long. 
I'd forgotten that I had Synctoy setup to just copy new and updated files, which would have saved so much time. But instead, I just copied the whole directory. Stupid.
It's given me a bit of time to do some tidying though, done a bit of cable organising behind my desk. On the cheap, too - I didn't want to pay for cable trays and stuff, so I stapled wire twists to the underside of my desk and used that. Seems to be working quite well so far. 

Might be a long night if I want 7 installed by tomorrow...

Edit: seems Vista doesn't want to let me shrink my partition by more than 98mb. Going to bed, I'll sort it out tomorrow. 

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